Launch of ICTD-ASP

Follow-up on Connect Asia-Pacific Summit and
Launch of ICT for Development in
the Asia-Pacific Region
29th – 30th April 2014
Manila, Philippines


The ICTD-ASP is a platform
for multi-stakeholder partnerships
for project information and knowledge sharing
and for cross-sector development
in the Asia-Pacific region.

Project Development & Implementation
Advisory supports for ICTD investment and prioritization, and
Pre-Feasibility Studies on high priority ICTD investment projects: Proposals will be reviewed and recommendations for funding will be made on the basis of selection criteria. Selected projects will be funded and executed in collaboration with multi-stakeholders.

Investment Partnership & Resource Mobilisation
Framework development for coordination and cooperation with partners and stakeholders: the framework features a set of guidelines and toolkits for mobilizing resources and creating partnerships among various stakeholders and partners promoting ICTD in the Asia-Pacific region.

Information & Knowledge Sharing Network
This component will identify, compile, and disseminate good practices and lessons learned for addressing development issues on ICTD. The component will include awareness campaigns, capacity-building activities, onferences and workshops, publication of lessons learned, and integration of the knowledge gained


Mr. Wisit Atipayakoon
International Telecommunication Union (ITU),
Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Email: wisit.atipayakoon@itu.int

Mr. Seok‐Yong Yoon
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Email: syoon@adb.org

News / Announcement

Launch of the ADB/ITU on ICT for Development in the Asia-Pacific Region (ICTD-AS) and follow-up meeting of the Connect Asia-Pacific Summit



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